Well at first I thought I would try to be “fancy” here. Maybe doing something like my artsy friends who do cool design work and have sweet portfolios of projects to show, but I’m not much a design person as you can see from the lack of design on this page. Then I thought maybe I would use this as a space to ramble on about my tech interests, political thoughts, or my super amazing, never boring, action movie-esque life. Then I realized that’s not me and the purpose here is for you to know a little about me.

I used to struggle with the question of who I am. I will admit there are days that I still do. However I strive daily to focus on this. I am a child of the God who’s love never ceases, who’s mercies are new every morning, who’s grace is enough, who will scour this world to find me. A child of the God who sees through the lies I live and tell myself. Who tells me I am worth so much that he would sacrifice it all to bring me back to him. My life is different because of this.

I am surrounded by many people who genuinely love and care for me. I have an amazing family who supports and encourages me through anything. The friends I have are the best friends in the world who I know I can count on at any time to help in any way. I am truly blessed by the relationships I have in my life.

Feel free to connect with me.

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